What if you said things a little differently?

I am pretty sure you may have heard the expression, “if you keep doing the same thing you are going to keep getting the same result.” Well that is true for the things we say as well.

So what do you think would happen if you started saying things differently? Let me give you an example. In my speaking business I want people to know that I am a great speaker, easy to deal with, fun, exciting and affordable. Now I could run around and yell out to everyone but how many other speakers do you think are saying the exact same thing? If you said lots, my bet is you’re right! So in reality my message would be lost in a crowd of same sayers, just like everyone else. So, if I ask you to think about your business, do you really think your competition is saying things much different than you? I doubt it.

So in order to be different in my message, here is one way I flipped things around to say it differently:

10. They find the sound of audience laughter and clapping very annoying!

9. They really like the idea of spending twice as much on someone half as good!

8. They enjoy the thrill of not knowing how things will turn out!

7. They believe compliments, congratulations and accolades are overrated anyways!

6. They know learning new things should never be this fun and exciting!

5. They are hoping Brad Pitt or Jennifer Anniston will reconsider!

4. They want their audience to be extremely well rested after the session!

3. They don’t believe hiring a great speaker should be this simple!

2. The last thing they need is to get a job promotion!

1. They just didn’t know to call Curt first!

It you notice in almost every point I was implying the exact opposite. By simply flipping my message I can accomplish two important things:

  1. because I am saying it differently I am offering a unique spin to my message (and people like unique).
  2. because I am saying something indirectly it is often easier to be accepted by the subconscious mind of the listener.

If you read books on persuasion you will notice how much they talk about the power of indirect communication because the critical mind just doesn’t notice enough to object!

So this month try this exercise out. Think of something you would normally say to promote yourself or your business. Now think of how you could flip it by implying the opposite. Then ask how else could you say it? If you are feeling really brave try to write a paragraph that sounds unique but is essentially saying the same few things in many different ways.


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