How can you give your customers more time?

timeI read a great quote once that said, “In the past 20 years we have gone from speaking milliseconds to nanoseconds which is the equivalent of compressing 40 years into 4.8 minutes!”

This is the inspiration for my question this month, “How can you give your customers more time?”

Customers buy time every day. They buy availability, they buy delivery, they buy ease of implementation and they buy ease of use. In reality, aren’t these all just elements of time? We want it now, we want to know how to use it now, we want it performing now. We don’t have time to wait! We don’t want to have to go to far to get it!

Everyone is under an incredible time constraint. Our workweeks are getting longer, our productivity expectations are getting bigger and our need to have a balanced home life is getting stronger. How does anyone keep up? How does your customer keep up? It reminds me of the old saying, “None of us have enough time but all of us have all that there is!”

When was the last time you stopped to think about how you can give your customers more time? Do you even know what time means to them?

Time could be:

  • time required to deliver/install
  • time required to decide
  • time to prepare
  • time required to change
  • time required to learn
  • time required to acquire
  • time available to reserve/pre-order
  • time service is accessible (especially in Professional sector)
  • time required to maintain
  • production time (amount of output per hour)
  • other ideas?


I read about a great “best practice” whereby a Professional in North America hired his Admin in Australia. When he got up in the morning all of his work was done and it was waiting in his inbox! Could this idea work for you?

This month take some time to think about time. What does it mean to you, what does it mean to your customers, how can you be more efficient with time?
I will guarantee you that tomorrow’s winners will be the masters of time.

Brainstorming Ideas

  1. How would your customer define time?
  2. How could you give customers more time?

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