How can you touch their heart?

I want to share a poem with you that I wrote many years ago. Originally it was written for a very dear friend who was going through some very tough times but over the years I have shared it with many others as a way of saying I care.

Your Virtual Friend
Although I do not stand beside you
and I cannot always be there with you
I take my place within you
I am, they say, your virtual friend

As you face your times of challenge
Be kind to yourself
As you are the heart and soul
You are, what many of us, strive to be
Continue to seek your courage
Hold on to your dreams
As sunny skies do linger near
And soon they will shine on you

So when you are set upon those times
Where the hurdles seem to get the best of you
Take a moment to think of me, I am someone who cares
I am, they say, your virtual friend.

Curt Skene

touchheartIt’s funny that on Valentines we have set aside a specific day to touch peoples hearts. With the shape of the world and the way its evolving don’t you think most of us could use more caring, more often?

What do you think your customers would say if you called them up for no real purpose other than to say that you care and you’re there to help? How could you honour those people close to you with a thoughtful gesture that makes them feel special. The “law of reciprocity” states that people will want to give back what has been given to them.

This Valentines, as you spend some time touching the hearts of those who surrond you, think about how you can touch their heart at other times of the year, like the times they least expect it. I guarantee you’ll be amazed with the response you get!


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