What will your legacy be?

The other day I attended a small party to recognize the retirement of my kid’s school principal. After many years in teaching and 5 wonderful years at our school Mrs. Pat McCutcheon is retiring. During the celebration I remember thinking about all the initiatives she has put in place to recognize diversity, to support different learning styles and to emphasize the importance of reading. I remembered how during the fierce winter days she stood out by the street and made sure every child got in to the school safely and I remembered how she always knew every child’s name and how every child was treated like a real person. Gone were the days where going to see the principal was the scariest thing you could imagine.

This year through the wonderful support of the parents and local community we opened a brand new playground for the kids. This playground was the dream and vision of Pat McCutcheon, it is something she will leave as her legacy. You see this isn’t a traditional playground. Pat’s vision is that along with climbing bars and swinging bridges, there should be quiet benches and mature trees where kids can go to relax and read. Pat has the wonderful ability of creating a culture where learning is the outcome but the kids are the focus.

I share this with you because Pat McCutcheon is leaving us a legacy and it inspired me to ask you, “What will your legacy be?”

In reality a legacy is a brand. It is something you are known for and it is something you are remembered by? What aspects of your service, your relationships, your leadership and your personality will people remember? Will they even remember you at all? You see, creating a legacy is never a given. It is something that each one of us must earn. In order to create a legacy we must create distinction, we must create consistency and we must have the nerve to stand out from the crowd.

When was the last time you sat down with your team and asked how can we create a legacy? How can we create a business that will withstand the test of time. How can we create a difference that will touch people and allow them to make a connection with us.
Take a moment to think about it, ask yourself what will my legacy be? I have a simple expression that says, “He who leaves the world a legacy, will never die broke.”

Brainstorming Exercises

  1. Ask what will your legacy be?
  2. Ask what will you do that is worthy of being remembered?

If the answers don’t come easy then it is highly likely you have some real work ahead of you!
Thanks Pat for the inspiration you gave us all!

Curt Skene is an inspiring Canadian professional business keynote speaker, sales trainer, and certified hypnotist who specializes in helping companies and associations look at their business, their relationship with their customers and their future opportunities in a powerful and positive light. Curt offers over 75 rapid-fire insights based on over 20 years of award-winning business experience (Microsoft, ExecuTrain and BrainBuzz) and combines his experience with the kowledge he has gained as a certified hypnosis/NLP practitioner.  Find out how easy and affordable it is to hire Curt Skene by going to his website at


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