I wrote this for a special friend.  I hope they listen!

It takes but a moment, yet it gives you a lifetime.
It refreshes, cleanses and restores your perspective.
It clears your head when thoughts grow foggy.
It calms your nerves when all else caves in.
If you took but one piece of advice, it would be always to breathe.

It’s like walking on a fresh spring morning, where flowers blossom and beauty abounds.
It’s the secret in life that’s so often forgotten.
Trust me on this one and enjoy every breath you take.

Breathing is the celebration of ones mortal existence.
It’s like filling your body with a fresh new beginning.
Breathing gives you the right to take a step back and soak it all in.
It affords you the time to set your mind right.

So do me a favour and please do it for me.
Take a moment right now to enjoy all that God gave you
Just stop what you are doing and just take time to breathe.

Written by: Curt Skene (image provided by

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6 Responses to “Breathe”

  1. Maxine Wiedel Says:

    Thanks Curt for sharing these words of wisdom and motivation with me!!



  2. Michelle Romanica Says:

    You never cease to amaze me with your talents and creativity, Curt. I don’t know who you wrote it for but I’m taking this one for it or not! :^)

    Thank you!

    Michelle Romanica


  3. Emilia Parente Says:

    Thanks Curt-you are so intuitive-right words at the right time-all the time!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


  4. cheryl fournier Says:

    Great reminder, when we remember to breathe deeply the cares of the world fall away from us and make the world seem a better more manageable place.


  5. Penny Reid Says:

    Curt, thank you. Helpful to me and I know it will be to others. Sometimes we do need to be reminded…just to breathe.

    I attended your Burlington session this morning and found it very helpful.



  6. Bulldog's Breath too Says:

    Thanks Curt,

    Enjoyed my breath, I’ll do it again this pm, and again tomorrow. Well written., and helpful…



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