What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten?

Undoubtedly at this time of the year I think about gifts.  Not about giving or receiving but the gifts I have been blessed with in my life.  I am fortunate to have love and able to give love each and every day.  I am blessed with the gift of humour that can instantly make strangers smile and bad days ring happy.  I have the gift of being able to feel the world quickly and deeply which makes it easy to make a difference in the lives I touch.  I have the gift of a best friend who has been in my life since I was 15 years old and even with all the things she has done for me she would be the first to tell you she hasn’t done enough.  I have all sorts of memories that life has given me from the wild “I can’t believe I survived” to tear filled moments of welcoming my kids into the world and the unbelievable gift of having these memories so clear in my mind. 

Tonight as I sit here listening to “Christmas Shoes” I am reminded I have the amazing gift of life, family and friends surrounding me everyday.  But the biggest gift and the one I want to bring to your attention is the ability to see every life experience as a gift in some way, shape or form.  Sure my sense of humour gets me in trouble and sometimes yes there are times I wished I wasn’t so emotional.  It’s true I absolutely have lost at love over the years but I am thrilled to have loved at all.  Yes both my wife and kids can drive me crazy but I look at them daily and want nothing but to be more like them.  There is nowhere in my life would I ever ask for a “do over” because life, mine in particular, has been the best gift of all.

I was inspired to write this because a dear friend of mine was talking about gifts and how difficult the whole gift giving process can be.  I know her well enough to say that any purchased gift would pale in comparison to the gift of friendship she gives those she loves every day.  I know too my wife struggles with what she should get a husband that buys himself too much as it is.  The answer my dear is nothing because just having you lie beside me every night is the only gift any guy could ever want.

So this year as you celebrate your holidays please take some time to recognize all the gifts you have and all those gifts you give just by being you.  God has given us plenty of gifts, no doubt your family has added to the pile and now with awareness, appreciation and those dear to you, you can open your heart every day to many of the spectacular gifts that lie ahead.

Thanks to all the gift givers in my life.  The generosity, spirit and passion that you have given to me have the potential of making this the best Christmas ever.   

Curt Skene is a motivational speaker and career coach who makes his living offering simple thinking that changes lives!  If you are looking for inspiration and insights in a very obtainable, hey I could do that kind of way, then hiring Curt is your answer. 


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