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Are You Still Relevant?

May 29, 2014

Time-to-Adapt-350x173For many of us this is a very tough question to answer.  I mean at some point we are all very relevant but to answer this question we might have to admit we no longer are.

How many companies do you know are still trying to thrive on yesterday’s success only to find out their customers have long moved on?  How many relationships die because the wants and needs of their partners have changed?

A favourite quote of mine is “A bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn!” – Helen Keller.

And how often have we all failed to see that life is changing around us?  How often do we hang on to yesterday’s successes even though they no longer mean a thing?  Now my rant here is not to humble or humiliate anyone it’s to offer a wake-up call to the world.


So respect it and leverage it while you can and then it’s time to move on.  It’s time to re-invent your relevance, it’s time to create that next new brilliant moment and re-invent that shine you buried deep inside.  Your relevance is a muscle that needs to be exercised on a regular basis and the only one who can do it is you.

But let me share another paradox to being relevant and that is the number of people I meet who don’t even realize how relevant they are.  They are blind to the gifts they bring to others.  They spend much of their life wishing they were better, smarter, faster and more successful yet those of us around them wish they could see what we see.  To me, being relevant isn’t a fad or cool moment it’s the value that we offer to others in the world we share.  It’s the inspiration, motivation, intellect that inspires others to want to follow you and say, “Hey you make my world a better place!”  If people are telling you, you are relevant then listen to them.  Relevance isn’t something you decide it’s what others decide about you!

So do me a favour and take some time today to ask yourself (and maybe others) these few powerful questions.

1)   Am I still relevant in my work, my home and my relationships?
2)  What do I need to change in order to ensure I always am?
3)  Am I blind to the relevance I offer others?

I read a quote a few months back that really struck a chord.  “A dog is often a big part of your life but to the dog you are their life!”  How is that for being relevant?  Never take for granted who you are today and what you may mean to others!

Here’s to your relevance however you define it!  Thanks Rachael for kicking my butt you see I really was listening!


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